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Consistent is quality

About Us

Behind Cinyola

Who We Are

Cinyola Hair was founded by Jacky, a characteristic hair geek. He always says: "to make the best hair or make nothing! " In order to ensure consistent high quality, Cinyola spent large capital on building self-owned factories.

Our aim has remained the same: offering the best quality, elegant, and amazing products.

Our Aims

we aim to positively impact the lives of women seeking alternative hair solutions for fashion and self-expression.


Start hair business

Jacky sold his electronic manufacturing business and started hair business in 2016, now known as Cinyola Hair.


Start Show Hair All the World

Cinyola attended many hair shows like Bronner Bros Beauty Show in Atlanta GA, London Salon Show in London UK, Cosmosprof in Las Vegas NV and other shows in Europe.


The First Self-Owned Factory Built

In order to keep hair quality at the top, Cinyola decided to build self-owned factory.


Start Full Cuticles Technology

We invent unique technolody of collagen-enriched hair which nourishes hair strands. And insisit on full cuticles production technology to make extensions. Say goodbye to shedding and tangling.


The Second Self-Owned Hair Factory Built

Because of consistent high-quality, the orders from the customers have been increasing very fast. We had to build another new hair factory to meet the fast-increasing demands.

Ethical sourcing

When Cinyola sources hair, we follow strict moral guidelines to ensure everything is fair and clear. We only work with honest and trustworthy vendors. We ensure that hair donors are paid fairly and treated with respect.

We are strongly against all kinds of exploitation. Everyone who donates hair gets the same benefits.

Worker welfare

We believe that happy workers will have happy customers by making good products.

• Above-industry pay: Our workers receive 30% higher than the industry average.

• Investing in health: In 2023, Cinyola set up Workers’ Emergency Fund to help employees families deal with health and accident problems. This investment improves workers’ well-being.