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Our vision has always been to produce a kind of raw hair which is the best bundle in the world. Initially it impresses you just by a touch or even by a glance. After using, it deeply convinces you that you have to invest. With our collagen raw hair, the vision is coming true now. Say hello to collagen hair!

After very strict screening, only premium health raw raw hair with intact cuticle can be picked over to make collagen raw hair bundle. This is one key to best bundle. 


No other hair is like our collagen raw hair. Every decision that goes into collagen virgin hair makes it as natural as possible.

From the start design, to innovative hair conditions, we do no chemical process. Only use natural collagen solution to condition our raw hair bundles. This is why our bundle is called collagen raw hair. It is also another key to the best bundle.


Our collagen raw hair bundle can last 2 years with proper care, Great raw hair and only collagen condition make its life much longer than competitors’ bundle.

Because we only pick over the pure premium raw  hair, our bundle can be bleached into high quality blond hair without shedding. After be bleached to blond, you can color the bundle to any shade you desire.

Use collagen solution conditions on the premium raw virgin hair. The bundle hair is very strong. The other competitors get rid of most of hair cuticles so to make bundle smooth, but we do difference. With intact cuticles, the hair is still very smooth. This is why our collagen raw hair is no shedding and no tangle when wearing.

In order to reduce the cost, many competitors blend too much short hair into their bundles. That makes the bundle thin. We make bundle thick. That makes the hair looks more beautiful when wearing.

For non-process and only collagen condition, our bundles smell good. When you smell our hair, you know it totally different with the hair of other competitors.

You will love the bundle immediately when touching it. The hair feels powerful. This touching feeling is also very different with other competitors.

We use very healthy raw hair to make bundles and use nature collagen to conditions hair. This makes hair cuticle intact and close very well. This is why the hair looks very shiny.

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